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Monetizing Gas Africa


Investment returns will focus on annuity income streams

Pipeline/Storage: Infrastructure associated with the distribution and storage and gas as it moves from source to demand.

CNG: Infrastructure associated
with the distribution of CNG for
mobility as well as industrial and
consumer / household use.

Fertilizer Plants: Infrastructure associated with the production of fertilizers to serve the growing African  agricultural sector.

Modular GTL Plants: Advances in small scale GTL technologies allow for this technology to be deployed to meet Africa’s unique challenges.

 MGA’s initial focus is on African countries that will be assessed according
 to the following selection criteria:

LNG/CNG: Infrastructure associated with the importation or exportation of LNG / CNG to monetize resources or promote gas utilization and industrialization in new markets.

Gas-to-Power: Infrastructure associated with electricity production from conventional and unconventional natural gas, as well as associated gas. Natural gas will play an increasingly important role in base load electricity generation and support the uptake of renewable energy by providing back-up power at short notice.